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The Cybersecurity Webinar: How to Be Cyber Aware and Practice Safe User Habits
* * Cybersecurity Learning Objectives in Summary * *

Healthcare is among the top 5 global industries targeted by cybercriminals. If you are concerned about determining what steps are needed to protect your organization against cybercrime damages, then this webinar is for you. Register to learn insights and solutions to protect against cybercriminals and cybercrime damages predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually (up from $3 trillion just a few years ago).

HCP's compliance experts have carefully reviewed the primary causes of data breaches and developed cybersecurity resources, clear guidance, and recommendations to protect healthcare organizations.

Join us for a detailed explanation of the following:
* Discover practical tips for employees to increase their cyber awareness while working in the office or remote
* Understand what an effective cybersecurity program looks like and how to protect your organization
* Identify the top cybersecurity threats in 2022 and why Cyber Liability Insurance is an essential consideration


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